Idea: make money by having conversations with students of foreign languages

19 de June de 2012 Leave a comment

Nowadays there are zillions of people eager or needed to learn foreign languages. Most of them are learning from a country where they can not practice it. And as we all know, the best way to learn a new language is by practicing. Then, if they can’t afford long holidays abroad or relocating to a new country, they have no chances of practicing.

Using today’s technology it is very easy to have a chat online with people you don’t know to practice languages. If you want to make some money easily just having a chat I recommend you the following:

– Open an account in website for freelance workers. I personally recommend, Alhtough other highly recommended are and On those websites you have the option of being paid by hours, and they have plenty of tools to control the time used and to assure you get paid accordingly. Open an account (it’s free!) and explore the options.

– Find your customers: decide which profile is your target (which language, students, professionals to be rellocated, expats). Once you have a better idea, it will be easier for you to find them. Contact them and suggest them your online conversations. You can also offer your services to your local academy for that specific language.

– Promote yourself: if you have a special knowledge about that language (you are native, you already teach, etc) make your customers know about it. You can create a profile online to let them choose you. 

– As this can be a very personal contact with people you don’t know I would recommend you to avoid giving too much information about you. You can even avoid giving your real name, but this is up to you.


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